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There has been an increase in stalking offenses in recent years and if by any chance you are charged with stalking you need the help of Stalking Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan. Stalking can be in various forms such as following people at work or in their home, sending unwanted gifts or messages, and making repeated phone calls. The key element here is the lack of consent. Any unconsented act towards someone could land you in a stalking case especially when these actions lead to emotional distress or fear. 

Misdemeanor Stalking and its Penalties in Michigan

If the repeated action involves harassment towards a person, it can fall under misdemeanor stalking. Most stalking cases are considered a misdemeanor. It would be a much solid case if the action is done over a period of time. In Michigan, the maximum jail sentence for misdemeanor charges is up to one year in jail. Plus, a fine of up to $1,000. If the victim in a stalking case is someone below 18 years old, the fines could reach up to $10,000 and you could face five years in prison. 

For those convicted of misdemeanor stalking, the court could also issue a restraining order which the convicted should strictly follow. Failure to adhere to the rules in the restraining order could lead to aggravated stalking. The convicted could also be required to enter a counseling class to improve his/her behavior towards others. 

In dealing with misdemeanor stalking cases, there is a good chance that the case is dismissed if you are in the hands of an expert Stalking Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan. There are legal conditions that need to be fulfilled before one can be convicted of stalking. With the help of your stalking attorney, all legal aspects of the case will be reviewed and all actions will thoroughly be planned in order to get favorable results. All you need to do is trust and cooperate with your attorney. 

Aggravated Stalking 

Under MCL 750.411i aggravated stalking is considered a felony which means a more serious charge. It could also mean a higher penalty to the one convicted. One can be charged with aggravated stalking if he/she is guilty of any of the following:

  • Failure to follow the restraining order given after being convicted of misdemeanor stalking.
  • The stalking action violates the rules in parole or probation.
  • The stalking action involves a threat to the victim or anyone living with the victim.
  • The stalking action violates a current restraining order.

If you have been charged with stalking, do not take it lightly since you could end up in jail. Be sure that you are well presented in court with the help of Stalking Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our team of attorneys fully understands how cases like this are handled and we know what to do to win the case. We have successfully defended many cases already involving stalking.

Contact Stalking Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan now if you wanted to know your options on dealing with the stalking charge pressed against you. 

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