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Personal Protection Orders

Personal Protection Orders Grand Rapids AttorneyAs Personal Protection Order Attorneys in Grand Rapids, MI, we take things seriously. A Personal Protection Order (PPO) is a court order that stops further violence or threats against you. Our criminal attorneys in Grand Rapids, Michigan, may request a personal protection order on your behalf if your personal safety or liberty is at risk.

A personal protection order helps deter an aggressor from further hurting or harassing you. If the person violates the personal protection order, they could face serious jail time behind bars.

Types of Personal Protection Orders:

Domestic Relationship PPO:

A domestic relationship Personal Protection Order (PPO) serves as a vital legal safeguard for individuals facing threats or violence within their intimate relationships. In the context of Michigan law, this type of PPO extends protection to spouses, former spouses, individuals who have resided together, parents with a shared child, and those who have been involved in a dating relationship. A domestic relationship PPO empowers individuals to seek legal intervention when faced with situations where their safety or well-being is compromised within these personal relationships. These orders can encompass a range of protective measures, including restraining the alleged abuser from making contact, approaching the victim’s home, or possessing firearms.

Non-Domestic (Stalking) PPO

A Non-Domestic (Stalking) Personal Protection Order (PPO) is a crucial legal tool designed to shield individuals from relentless stalking and harassment by individuals who do not have a domestic relationship with the victim. In the context of Michigan law, this PPO offers protection against stalkers and aggressors who may not fall under the category of domestic relationships. Such orders are particularly valuable in cases where individuals are subjected to persistent, unwarranted attention or intimidation, causing them to fear for their safety and well-being. Non-domestic (Stalking) PPOs can encompass various protective measures, including restraining the alleged stalker from making any form of contact, approaching the victim’s residence or workplace, and even possessing firearms.

Non-Domestic Sexual Assault PPO

A Non-Domestic Sexual Assault Personal Protection Order (PPO) is a critical legal remedy aimed at shielding individuals from the harrowing experience of sexual assault and harassment perpetrated by individuals outside of their domestic relationships. In the context of Michigan law, this specific PPO extends protection to survivors of non-domestic sexual assault, helping them regain control over their lives and restore their sense of security. These orders can encompass various protective measures, including restraining the alleged perpetrator from making contact, approaching the survivor’s residence or place of employment, or possessing firearms.

What is a personal protection order?

Our Grand Rapids criminal attorneys can help you request a personal protection order to prevent your abuser from calling you, stalking you, buying a gun, entering your home, or anything else that would cause reasonable fear. Our criminal law attorneys in Grand Rapids can also help you ask for specific protections relevant to your case.

You may need a personal protection order if you’re leaving an abusive spouse, boy/girlfriend, your child’s parent, or other close relationship. You may also request a non-domestic personal protection order.

Do I need a Grand Rapids criminal attorney?

Once we request a personal protection order, the court will schedule a hearing. During this hearing, you’ll need to present evidence of abuse, stalking, and other behaviors that would have made you reasonably afraid for your safety. Your abuser will also have an opportunity to speak and ask questions. We highly recommend you hire one of our criminal attorneys for legal guidance during this process.

If you’re in extreme danger, we may be able to request an emergency order so you won’t have to wait for a hearing. In this situation, your abuser also won’t be alerted until after you get your personal protection order.

How to obtain a personal protection order in Kent County

Grand Rapids PPO AttorneyTo obtain a personal protection order in Kent County, MI, you need to initiate the process by submitting a petition to the Circuit Court in the county where you reside. It’s important to note that these petitions do not incur any filing fees, as courts are prohibited from charging them. In many cases, Circuit Courts have created their own petition forms, which you can access without any cost.

The court will grant a personal protection order for Kent County if it finds reasonable cause to believe that an individual may engage in any of the prohibited activities. During this determination, the court will carefully review testimony, documents, and any other supporting evidence provided in favor of the personal protection order. It’s important to note that the court cannot deny the request solely because there is no police report, medical report, or visible physical signs of abuse or violence.

In situations where an urgent response is required, the court will make a ruling on a request for an ex parte personal protection order (without a hearing) within 24 hours of receiving the petition.

In cases where the court declines to issue an ex parte personal protection order, the court is obligated to provide a written explanation for this decision and inform the petitioner of their entitlement to a hearing. It’s essential to understand that personal protection orders become effective and enforceable immediately, regardless of whether the respondent has been given a copy of the order. The validity of the personal protection order remains intact even if it hasn’t been served on the respondent.

If the respondent wishes to contest the personal protection order, they must take action by filing a motion and requesting a hearing within 14 days from the date of service or when they become aware of the personal protection order through other means.

Getting a PPO Removed in Kent County, Grand Rapids, MI

There isn’t much evidence needed to obtain a personal protection order (PPO) in Grand Rapids. The likelihood of it being granted is quite high. However, that’s the other side of the problem. If you have had a PPO in Grand Rapids placed on you for no reason, this could pose issues in your life as well. Our team of criminal defense attorneys understands this and is there to assist you with getting that PPO from Grand Rapids removed whenever possible. This isn’t something that you can do on your own. You will need the assistance of a Grand Rapids Criminal attorney law firm such as John Engman & Associates, P.C.

If you or a loved one is in serious danger, call your local police department and one of our criminal law attorneys. Our criminal attorneys have experience working with law enforcement and the courts to come up with the best solutions for clients. To request a consultation with one of our personal protection order attorneys in Grand Rapids, MI, call John Engman & Associates, P.C. at (616) 454-5222.

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