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Marijuana Attorneys Grand Rapids, MIOur marijuana attorneys in Grand Rapids have experience in an array of cases including drug crimes. In the state of Michigan, it’s legal for adults age 21 and older to possess, use, and grow marijuana at home under the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act.

However, it still remains illegal to use marijuana in public and drive under the influence. If you’ve recently been arrested for the unlawful use or possession of marijuana, you’ll need to call our marijuana attorneys.

Contact the best Marijuana Charge Defense Attorneys in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to help your case. At John Engman & Associates, we have over thirty-five years of fighting marijuana charges in West Michigan courts.

Michigan has a unique set of laws when it comes to marijuana. You want an attorney well versed in these laws representing your rights. You don’t want mistakes made because you were not up-to-date on the current laws.

Michigan’s Laws Regarding Marijuana

Marijuana laws are constantly changing and are repeatedly in the news nowadays, making it hard to know which rules apply to what circumstances, i.e., medical marijuana, legalization, and decriminalization. This is especially so in Michigan, where voters approved marijuana for recreational use in March 2018.

You must have representation from Marijuana Criminal Defense Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan, to guide you through these complex laws. John Engman & Associates is well-versed in these laws.

Marijuana Laws in Michigan

Although marijuana is still considered a federal crime, several US states have permitted it for medicinal purposes. As a result, there has been tension between state and federal laws regarding marijuana for many years. 

In Michigan, possession of marijuana in any amount was considered a misdemeanor and is punishable by as much as one year of prison and fines as much as $2,000. However, this all changed after the certification of Michigan voters approved Proposal 1.

In late 2018, anyone over the age of 21 was permitted to use, possess, transport, and even produce marijuana. In addition, the state created licensing requirements for people growing recreational marijuana, vendors, and others involved in the marijuana market.

Contact Marijuana Charge Defense Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan for additional information on these laws. The legal experts at John Engman & Associates are the most up-to-date legal team regarding Michigan’s current Marijuana laws.

Marijuana Statutes

Code Section:  333.7401 et seq.: 3337212

Possession:  Misdemeanor penalties of one year in prison and $2,000 in fines

Sale:   Felony: less than 5 kg. or 20 plants: up to 4 yrs. and/or $20,000; 5-45 kg. or 20-200 plants: up to 7 yrs. and/or $500,000; Over 45 kg. or over 200 plants: up to 15 yrs. and/or $10,000,000; Sale to minor or near school property: up to double penalties.

Medical Marijuana:  Patients with a valid doctor’s recommendation may possess up to 2.5 oz. of useable marijuana and may cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants for personal use.

It doesn’t matter what a state’s marijuana laws say, the Controlled Substance Act makes selling or possessing marijuana possession still illegal. When federal law clashes with state law, federal law will always take precedence.

However, federal agencies have little interest in intervening with state-level marijuana prosecutions.  

Legal Help for your West Michigan Marijuana Case

As noted, the laws surrounding marijuana are changing constantly. And even though the state has legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, you can still find yourself in serious trouble if you violate the law. Contact Marijuana Charge Defense Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan – John Engman & Associates. 

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While a marijuana drug charge may not seem like a big deal now, it can have serious legal consequences for your future. Did you know that a marijuana drug charge on your record can negatively impact your ability to secure housing, employment, or loans? This is why it’s so important to hire one of our drug crime lawyers as soon as possible. Our marijuana attorneys have been helping clients just like you fight criminal law charges for over 35 years.

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Our Grand Rapids marijuana attorneys have experience in both family and criminal law. This means that we’ll be able to represent you in a wide variety of cases. Whether marijuana use plays a role in your child custody arrangement or you failed a drug test at work, you can trust us to fight aggressively for your rights. Our drug crime attorneys can help you secure the best outcome for your case.

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