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Having one of the best Grand Rapids Super Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys is necessary to have any kind of chance against this charge. Super drunk driving isn’t anything to mess around with on your own.  These fines and penalties are strict and harsh, but with the right representation, we can work to get the consequences a little more manageable or dropped all together.  Our drunk driving legal team is happy to speak with you regarding your current charges and situation.  Contact the team of John Engman & Associates, P.C.  to help with your Super Drunk Driving case. 

What is Michigan Super Drunk?

Michigan Legislation determined that anyone driving with a blood alcohol content over .17 and higher needed to face more severe consequences. Reasoning that the higher someone’s BAC is, the greater the risk they pose to others. 

This law, called the “High Alcohol Penalty Law,” is more commonly known as Michigan’s Super Drunk Driving Law. This law only applies to those drivers facing their first DUI charge within a seven-year time span. The penalties for driving super drunk are about double what they would be for a typical DUI charge. Someone facing their second offense, at any level BAC, will face serious consequences, but that is an entirely different charge and will not fall under the Super Drunk Driving Law.

The consequences are much higher than a typical drunk driving, which is why it’s key to hire the best super drunk driving attorney in Grand Rapids, John Engman & Associates, P.C.

Michigan’s Super Drunk Driving Law

Contact experienced Michigan Super Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys if you have any questions regarding Michigan’s Super Drunk Driving Laws. In Michigan, the blood alcohol content limit is 0.08. Charges for super drunk driving mean that you are driving with over twice that amount of alcohol in your system. That is a pretty high amount of alcohol in your body. When you look at the science of it, one drink or alcohol unit can increase an average-sized person’s BAC by .025. For example, if someone drives with a BAC of 0.17, they have had roughly six to eight drinks. Of course, other factors can influence this, such as gender, weight, health conditions, and body type.

Michigan’s Penalties for Super Drunk Driving

The consequences of charges for driving super drunk are serious. You will face penalties twice as harsh as you would with a regular DUI charge.   You need the help of Michigan Super Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys. Don’t delay in calling.   We also offer felony DUI defense services, OUID Defense, OWI Defense, and OWVI Defense.  However, for super drunk, these are the penalties you are looking at:

  •       Up to 180 days spent in jail
  •       Your Driver’s license suspended for forty-five days
  •       Your driving privileges will get restricted for 320 days after the suspension has ended
  •       You will have six points added to your Driver’s license
  •       You face fines anywhere from $200 up to $700
  •       The court costs can run as much as $1,000
  •       You will have to serve community service – up to 360 total hours
  •       If applicable, you will be responsible for accident cleanup fees of up to $600
  •       You will have an ignition interlock system installed on your vehicle; this will remain for the entire 320 restricted license period
  •       You may have to attend a treatment program
  •       You will have to pay Driver Responsibility fees for two years at $1,000 a year.

And that isn’t all you could be facing. Most likely, you will be paying higher insurance rates, or your insurance company may cancel your policy. In addition, you will have a criminal record which can limit your opportunities professionally. You may also feel the effects on your family life.

West Michigan Super Drunk Driving Defense Team

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