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Internet Crimes Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan

Internet Crimes Lawyer

With the continuous and rapid growth of the internet today, there is an increasing need for the service of Internet Crimes Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan. The internet has greatly changed the way we do things. Most of our time is spent online, either for leisure or for work. Without a doubt, the internet made our life a lot easier. However, like other things in the world, the internet is not all praises. There is also a dangerous side of the internet that you should be aware of. 

Corporate fraud, online scams, viruses, malware, and hacking are just some of the many dark sides of the internet. There is even a chance that you could get caught up with an internet crime without your knowledge. You might not be aware of it, but someone on the other side of the world might be using your computer without your knowledge. And when the authorities do some investigation and it points to your IP address, you could be accused of cybercrime. 

Skilled Attorneys Against Computer Crime Accusation

Internet Crimes Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan is skilled and experienced enough to handle cases related to internet crimes. We are fully aware that this type of case needs a different kind of skill and approach. Here are some of the ways on how we would deal with such cases.

Illegally obtained Evidence

We will check if the law enforcement did a legal search on your computer. A search is only legal if they have a search warrant or the full permission of the owner. Evidence obtained through illegal search would not stand in court. 


We will demonstrate on the court that the internet crime was done without your knowledge. This can be done by proving that during the internet crime, you were not even using your computer. You could be at your friend’s home, doing the grocery, or doing other tasks away from your computer. If this is the case, we can have the charges dismissed. 

No Knowledge of the Internet Crime

Internet Crimes Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan have already handled a lot of internet crime cases and most of the time the accused is not even aware of the illegal activity happening on the computer. Our technology today allows other people especially skilled hackers to remotely access your computer. Sadly, all this is done without you noticing anything as if you were just using your computer as usual. 

Accidental Access

The internet is full of things to see from photos, videos, files, documents, and the long list continues. If you are not careful with what you click online, you might be accessing something illegal. You could get accused of an internet crime for this. However, if the said access is accidental, it can be proven in court and have the charges dropped. 

If you are currently accused of an internet crime like solicitation of a minor, child pornography, cyber attack, illegal access to confidential files, you need Internet Crimes Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan at your side. Contact us now and we will schedule a free consultation. 

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