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Paternity Attorneys

Paternity Attorneys Grand Rapids, MI

Our divorce lawyers for men understand that emotions can run high during family law cases involving children. For this, it’s important that you hire one of our divorce lawyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan for men to protect your parental rights and act in the best interests of your child.

When a married couple has a child, the law presumes that the husband and wife are the biological parents. For this reason, it can be hard to establish your parental rights when a child is conceived outside of marriage.  You can request a paternity test to be done to determine if that child is, in fact, yours.

Fortunately, our divorce lawyers for men can help you establish paternity and pursue child custody.

Divorce Lawyers for Men

Fortunately, our fathers’ rights lawyers can help you establish paternity and pursue child custody.

Grand Rapids Paternity Attorneys

Our divorce lawyers for men and fathers’ rights attorneys can help you:

  • Establish paternity
  • Challenge paternity
  • Establish your parental rights

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Our Divorce Lawyers for men can also help establish paternity so your child receives the appropriate amount of child support from the father. No matter your situation, our family law attorneys have experience helping both mothers and fathers do what’s best for their children.

When it comes to the father’s rights, we understand how to best represent you. While we have worked with both parents, a father’s paternity is unique.  it needs to be established and you can challenge it at any time.  Should you feel that you are not the father of a child or that you want to exercise your paternal rights, you should reach out and see what we can do for you.  Paternal rights are so important to the child and what is in the best interest of the child is what our attorneys look for.  Call today and let’s take a look at your unique case.

A child has the right to know who their father is.  As divorce lawyers for men, we assist father’s in getting the parenting time they deserve.  We also look at child support issues as well as custody.  We work with parents to establish paternity and also assist with the separation of marital assets.  If you are looking for a divorce lawyer for men in the Grand Rapids area, we are here to help.

As divorce lawyers for men, we understand the emotions involved with such cases.  We will do our best to accurately express what outcome we feel that we can achieve.  We are not the type of attorney that will promise you everything but will offer an accurate representation of what we can do for you.  It is important when looking for a divorce lawyer for men that you find someone that has your best interest.  You need a divorce lawyer for men that is confident and knows the law inside and out.  Call today.

Our paternity lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI are ready to help with your case. To request a consultation with one of our family law attorneys and prove your child’s paternity, call John Engman & Associates, P.C. at (616) 454-5222.

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