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If a person files a home invasion charge against you, immediately contact Home Invasion Attorneys in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Home invasion is a serious offense that could lead to serious penalties. This offense happens when you enter someone’s property or home without permission. There could be many reasons why someone would do this. It could even just be simple trespassing without any intention to do harm. 

The court takes this case seriously since it affects the integrity and privacy of the people living in their homes. Additionally, breaking into someone’s place often leads to violence. This is what the court tries to prevent – violence between the homeowner and the intruder where lives can be at risk.    

Michigan’s laws do not take home invasion lightly. It is a crime that could put you in jail and even a felony on your record. An action is considered a home invasion if there is a forced entry to someone’s property or home. This includes actions like breaking the door or window to enter. Trying to enter a home using fraud or misleading statements.

Authorities in Michigan will do their best to convict anyone who they believe is guilty of a home invasion. If you are not well defended in court, you could end up with life imprisonment. With the help of Home Invasion Attorneys in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we will work hard to lessen the punishment that you’ll get for breaking into someone’s property without their permission. And if the circumstances permit, it is also a possibility that our attorneys could do something to dismiss the case. Everything will go down to studying the pieces of evidence provided by the prosecution. 

Crimes Related to Home Invasion

If the prosecution fails to convict you with charges of home invasion, you may still face other related charges like trespassing and unauthorized entry. Trespassing happens when you enter a property with the intent to trespass and refuse to leave the property upon request of the owner. Unauthorized entry is simply a crime of home invasion without the intent to commit any form of crime. Penalties to this case are not that serious, especially when there is no one on the property during the incident.

Since you lack the knowledge and understanding of the laws governing home invasion, you should immediately seek legal assistance when someone is charging you with this offense. Even if you know for yourself that you are not committing a serious crime, it is still best to get advice from legal experts. Do not wait for things to get more complicated before you decide to hire the service of a defense attorney for this criminal matter

Dependable Home Invasion Defense 

When facing a home invasion case, you need help from an experienced Home Invasion attorney in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who knows how to thoroughly check the prosecutor’s evidence. Our team of attorneys will go through the different elements of the pieces of evidence against you. We will make sure that your rights are protected and help you present the strongest possible defense in court to achieve the best possible outcome of your case.  If you have further questions, check out more legal information here on our blog.

Our Home Invasion Defense attorneys will fight hard to protect your freedom, reputation, and future. To request a consultation with one of our home invasion attorneys in Grand Rapids, MI, call John Engman & Associates, P.C. at (616) 454-5222.

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