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The Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

January 12, 2022 John Engman & Associates

The Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

criminal conviction consequences

The consequences of a criminal conviction do not end at sentencing.  When a person is sentenced, there is a sense of relief.  However, the impact of their convictions may just be beginning.  Immigration concerns, professional ramifications, family issues, and a negative influence on your firearm rights are additional concerns.  If you need a drug charges attorney, John Engman & Associates is your law firm.

Professional Consequences

When you have a felony conviction, your job opportunities have narrowed significantly.  You will not be able to get a job in law enforcement, nursing, medical field, law field, teaching,  or any job you handle money.

A misdemeanor conviction such as retail fraud, theft, or embezzlement will keep you from working at a bank, in accounting, or for an insurance company. 

If you have a misdemeanor drug conviction, it can keep you from working as a driver. 

Two-thirds of all employers will not hire someone with a criminal conviction.  Today, most employers require potential employees to pass a background check.  Approximately 80% of large corporations will require it, 69% of small businesses.  However, the exact employment restrictions are hard to determine; you need to look into the various state and federal codes.

Familial Consequences

Maintaining familial ties is difficult with incarcerated family members.  First, family visits are challenging because people are typically in jails or prisons far from home.  In addition to the distance, the security procedures in place at correctional facilities are extensive, and spouses and children are frequently discouraged from visiting their loved ones.

And the difficulties do not cease when a parent returns home; incarceration can have long-term consequences for families and children.  A parent’s criminal record can also make it difficult for a family to earn enough money to live on even after the parent is released from jail and have difficulty finding housing.  

A child with an incarcerated parent is more likely to develop mental illness, experience housing instability, drop out of school, and end up in prison as well.  This is a significant problem in Michigan – one out of ten children has an incarcerated parent.  

Other Consequences

Driver’s License – A DUI conviction means your driver’s license gets suspended.  Multiple DUI convictions mean your license gets revoked.  Also, a drug possession conviction can mean a suspended driver’s license.   

Firearm Possession – Anyone with a felony conviction cannot possess a firearm for up to five years.  However, in Michigan, you can still get a hunting license.

Voting Rights – Voting restrictions do vary from state to state.  For example, if you are in custody for a felony in Michigan, you cannot vote.  In addition, anyone convicted of a felony is not allowed to serve on a jury in Michigan.

Sex Offender Registry – Persons convicted of criminal sexual misconduct must register as a Sex Offender.  Anyone placed on this list must meet certain conditions set forth by the State of Michigan concerning their residence.  Additionally, offender registrants are not permitted to come within 1,000 feet of a school.

Housing Consequences – Many criminal convictions will impact your ability to find suitable housing.  Many people believe that a landlord cannot refuse to rent to someone solely because of their criminal background; the reality is that many landlords do.  Even when the crime is a minor one, landlords have the authority to evict someone from their home.

Deportation –   Some felony charges can lead to deportation for non-citizens.  This law is constantly changing, so contact an immigration lawyer if you are a non-citizen facing felony charges.

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