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Spousal Support Attorneys Grand Rapids

January 11, 2022 John Engman & Associates

Spousal Support Attorneys Grand Rapids



When you recently got divorced and planning to ask for maintenance from the other party, it is best to get the service of  Spousal Support Attorneys Grand Rapids. We provide legal services in cases where the spouse earns lower than the other. Our skilled attorneys will help you exercise your rights for financial fairness after the breakup of a once financial partnership. A spouse has the right to ask for spousal support ( formerly known as alimony) from his or her partner especially when there is a huge gap in income capacity between them. 

There could be various reasons for a spouse to seek spousal support and the other party could also counter this request. If the divorced couple is unable to come to an agreement, things will be decided in court. 

Factors That the Court Considers for Spousal Support

The court will decide if it is rational for one party to receive support or maintenance from the other. The decision is based on different factors. Here are some of these:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • Needs of each party especially when the other party has a severe illness or disability. This also includes financial obligations.
  • Earning capacity of each party including property they own.
  • The tax responsibilities as a result of the property division upon divorce
  • The age, health, education, occupation including the liabilities of each party.

If you are the spouse who gave up your career in order to support the other by being at home and taking care of the kids, this is a factor the court will consider upon coming up with a decision. The divorce would certainly land you at a disadvantage since you now have to live independently and start all over again in terms of your career. It is just reasonable to get support until the time that you are financially stable. 

Why would you Need Spousal Support Attorneys in Grand Rapids?

There are different types of spousal support and every type has its different benefits and issues. Your spousal support attorney can help you determine which type fits your interest. We will ensure that your rights are protected and that you get the maintenance you deserve. 

It is also important to consider that laws governing spousal support are different in each state. This is why you need the service of a family lawyer in Michigan to guide you through the legal process. Regardless of the situation, our knowledge and experience in handling various types of spousal support cases ensure you get desirable results. 

When you choose Spousal Support Attorneys in Grand Rapids, we will schedule an appointment so we can thoroughly discuss everything about your case. It is necessary that we gain a complete understanding of your current situation so we can plan our steps moving forward. We can help you regardless of your side, whether you are the one seeking support or you are the one being asked for maintenance payments  

If you have questions or seek legal assistance, do not hesitate to contact Spousal Support Attorneys in Grand Rapids. Our team of reliable attorneys will carefully look into your situation and provide you with a clear path on how to deal with the case.  For other issues regarding divorce such as the rights of stepparents in custody or if you should file your divorce before your spouse, call!  We are happy to answer all questions regarding divorce including asset division and the rights of unmarried fathers.

At John Engman & Associates, P.C., our Michigan divorce attorneys will do everything in their power to help you through this difficult time To request a consultation with one of our Grand Rapids, MI drug lawyers, give our office a call at (616) 454-5222.