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“Operating Under the Influence of Drugs” (OUID) charges are serious; contact OUID Defense Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan for help.   If you get charged with an OUID offense, you are looking at severe consequences, including jail time, possibly prison, hefty fines, and having your driving rights suspended. 

Michigan laws against drugged driving are strict – a police officer can get a search warrant to draw blood for testing if they suspect you of OUID, even if you refuse to take one at that time.

Michigan Drugged Driving Penalties

If you face charges of drugged driving, contact OUID Defense Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan – John Engman & Associates. 

Michigan Law stated that drugged driving means someone is driving with trace amounts of a Schedule I drug or cocaine in their system. Michigan is a zero-tolerance State and will serve harsh penalties, even for first-time offenders.

Some of these harsh penalties include:

  •       Your license will get suspended for 30 days and then restricted for an additional 150 days
  •       You will have to pay fines of at least $100 and maybe even $500
  •       You will have to pay $1,000 for a driver’s responsibility fee
  •       You can serve as many as 93 days behind bars
  •       You will have to do hours of community service – as much as 360
  •       Your vehicle will be immobilized
  •       You will have an ignition interlock system installed on your vehicle

Accidents caused by OUID

Any accident caused by OUID can result in serious fines and penalties. Contact OUID Defense Attorneys Grand Rapids, Michigan today. The legal team of John Engman & Associates has nearly four decades of experience handling cases in the West Michigan courts.

If your OUID offense resulted in an accident that involved serious injuries to another person, you could be looking at felony charges. You could be facing a maximum of five-year prison sentence. And if the accident caused a death, you could be looking at a fifteen-year prison sentence. The penalty is even more severe if the death is of a first responder; that could land you in prison for twenty years. 

The number of drugged driving charges has increased in Michigan. As a result, the police feel stricter penalties are required to make people think twice before driving under the influence of drugs. This also includes the use of prescription drugs, even those that their doctor prescribed. People need to be aware of the possible side effects of any medicines they take that can impact their ability to drive safely.

Michigan has passed a new law regarding OUID’s increasing the penalties you face when convicted. Under the prior statute, police officers and prosecutors did not have to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that you were driving drugged to convict you of OUID. They only needed to show that any level of drug was present in your system while you were driving. As a result, many people got wrongfully convicted because certain drugs can remain in your system, sometimes for months after you took them.

Your Grand Rapids OUID Defense Team

If you are facing OUID charges in West Michigan, OWI charges, OVID Charges, Felony Drunk Driving Charges, or Michigan Super Drunk Charges, contact the legal team of John Engman & Associates. Our lawyers have decades of experience handling OUID charges. Let’s review your case together and determine the best defense plan to get your successful results in court.  

Our OUID Defense attorneys will fight hard to protect your freedom, reputation, and future. To request a consultation with one of our OUID attorneys in Grand Rapids, MI, call John Engman & Associates, P.C. at (616) 454-5222.

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