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Divorce Modifications Attorneys Grand Rapids

January 11, 2022 John Engman & Associates

Divorce Modifications Attorneys Grand Rapids

divorce lawyer Grand Rapids

After a divorce is granted, there is what they call, post-judgment modification and if you seek one or more modifications, you need the help of divorce modifications attorneys. These modifications are just usual in a divorce. In time, the lives of the spouses including their children change. And these life changes mean that the previous court settlement needs some amendments. Most of the time the property assets judgments will remain the same.  

As with any other case, there are two sides to this modification. One party seeks the modification and the other one is the party that believes a modification is unnecessary. Regardless of which side you are on, our team of dedicated family attorneys is always ready to help. We will help you achieve a fair modification regarding the court decision. Most of these cases involve but are not limited to spousal support, child support, visitation rights, and child custody. Similar to the divorce process, the modification process is also stressful work. The best way to deal with it is to consult divorce modifications attorneys. We will help you understand how the process works and guide you on the best action to take.

Modifications to Support and Custody

Among the most common modifications are child support and custody. When it comes to child support, the needs of the child increase as time goes by. Thus, one party might want a modification or an increase in terms of child support. It is also possible that the party with child custody had some loss of income. Any circumstances that affect the income of one party could be a ground for filing a modification. If one party had to do his / her job in a different place that affects parenting time, a modification can also be filed. 

Modifications to Spousal Maintenance

If you are in a situation where you think that spousal support or maintenance is not needed anymore you can have this modified. However, do not do this too soon. The court might not see this as a fair action and your filing for modification would just fail or be deemed irrelevant. Before making any move, it is best to have your situation assessed by divorce modifications attorneys. Due to the many rules and legal guidelines when it comes to divorce modifications you need a dedicated attorney at your side.

After reviewing your situation, we will create a petition for modification. This will be served to the other party. We will have to wait for their response, either they agree or contest the modification. This legal matter will be brought to court once the other party decides to contest the petition. And when in court, our attorney will help you argue your cases and get a favorable result. 

  To effectively deal with divorce matters, you need to be well presented in court with the help of divorce modifications attorneys. We will help you face this legal matter swiftly and efficiently. Do not hesitate to contact us so we could discuss if you have a good case and proceed with the right actions. 

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