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Arrest Warrants – Do Not Delay When Dealing With Arrest Warrants

January 12, 2022 John Engman & Associates

Arrest Warrants – Do Not Delay When Dealing With Arrest Warrants

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The lawyers at John Engman & Associates have seen a number of persons accused of crimes end up in serious trouble due to failure to comply with an Arrest Warrant promptly. You can end up arrested if a police officer shows up at your house or contacts you on the phone to discuss whether or not you committed a crime. It takes time for the legal system to work. An arrest warrant can take months to get granted in many circumstances. Even if you haven’t heard from a law enforcement officer in a while, now is the time to contact the lawyers at John Engman & Associates and ask if there’s a warrant out for your arrest. It’s much better to know so you can get prepared than not to know and get caught unprepared.  You can have an arrest warrant out for many reasons such as driving under the influence of Marijuana, medical marijuana use while on probation, or for other circumstances.

You will almost certainly avoid having the police show up at your home or workplace to arrest you if you handle your case appropriately in the early stages. If our legal team discovers that an arrest warrant was issued, we will work with police and Grand Rapids Courtrooms to have the warrant dismissed. Call our experienced lawyers today to learn how we can help you with that arrest warrant.

John Engman & Associates always delivers knowledgeable advice to our clients. This advice ensures the protection of your legal rights. If you get arrested and cannot post bond, we will strive tirelessly to reduce your bond. In most cases, as a part of bond conditions, you are not allowed to leave the state of Michigan. After your arrest, our professional legal assistance will ensure that you’re able to get out of jail as soon as possible. 

How Do You Get a Copy of Criminal Arrest Records

The Michigan State Police Department’s Criminal Justice Information Center handles FOIA requests for criminal history information and background checks on Michigan residents.

Fingerprint Searches – A person who utilizes this approach to learn about a person’s criminal history will receive a detailed report that includes the person’s criminal record and traffic offenses. Only authorized individuals and organizations are permitted to utilize this method. You make the request by executing a livescan with one of the Michigan State Police Department’s approved live scan vendors. This procedure will set you back $30.00.

Name-Based Searches – You can use The Internet Criminal History Access Tool to examine criminal records based on a person’s name (ICHAT). Once you’ve paid the $10 price, you’ll have access to the person’s whole criminal history. The report will include all juvenile traffic and convictions records.

Experienced Legal Help in Handling Your Arrest Warrant

Call the best legal team, John Engman & Associates, with any questions about arrest warrants or arrest records. You want a knowledgeable team on your side. You do not want to face these charges alone. We have the best lawyers you can have on your side. Call the West Michigan legal team you can depend on for help. Don’t delay, call us today.

 Our criminal defense attorneys would be more than happy to assess the details of your case. To request a free consultation, call John Engman & Associates at (616) 454-5222.